Selling your Home Banner

Selling your Home Banner

l Selling Your Home l

We are delighted when our homeowners are able to progress up the housing ladder!

There may come a time you wish to move on and sell your share of your home.  If so, we will be happy to help you through the process.

Simply contact us and complete a simple enquiry form from this we can give you a bespoke information pack to help you in the process.

We request for you to arrange an independent valuation to let us know how much it is worth. You then proceed like any normal house sale and instruct an estate agent. As we want to give you the best chance, we will also advertise your home for sale on our website. Once you find a buyer, simply let us know and we can start our own process behind the scenes.

You can then take your fond memories with you while a new owner begins to make their own.