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Am I eligible for Shared Ownership

  1. Your total household income is no more than £80,000 per annum.
  2. You must either be a first time buyer or:
    • Be a newly forming household, or have changes in your household circumstances; for example, starting again after a relationship break up.
    • Be relocating for work purposes to an area where property prices do not allow you to buy a home suitable for your family size.
  3. You must not currently own a home anywhere in the world, unless a court order forces you to remain on the deed of a property where your children reside.
    • If you have a property to sell, this must be under offer with solicitors instructed in the sale by both parties.
  4. You must be unable to buy a similar type of home, suitable for your family size, on the open market.
  5. The Shared Ownership home you’re looking to buy must be your principle or only home and you may not sublet all or part of it.
  6. You must be financially able to buy the minimum share available and pass a financial assessment and secure a mortgage (if required).
  7. You should be a British or EU/EEA citizen, or have indefinite leave to remain.